Thursday, October 27, 2005

Hello World :)

How is everyone doing?

Monday, August 30, 2004

Random thoughts.....
Dropping 2 pants sizes is a good thing.
"Totally Obsessed" scares me.
Chocolate is my friend.
17 days till Survivor.

Monday.... Paul's 47th birthday. The day sucked, but yet the same as every other year. We are sooooo over birthdays.

Tuesday....I get to work to hear that one of our regular customers tripped over the rug walking in the store and broke her hip. We don't think she will sue, but you never know these days. Its all on tape and looks like an accident.

Thursday....Went to Dylan's open house. He is doing great. I told his teacher that it is a good idea to seperate him and Matthew. Matthew is a classmate from last year that moved to the complex. They are best buds and inseperable.

Friday....Long story short, the trash man finally came and emptied the dumpster. Seeing as I personally know the maintenance man, I knew he wouldn't pick up all the trash littering the parking lot. So I did it. What a freakin mess. Think 2 weeks of no pick up. Fear Factor has nothing on me.

Saturday.....My day off. I slept like a log. Ran to the grocery store. Ran out of gas pulling in to a parking spot. Had just enough gas to make it to the gas station. Just pulled the last of the cookies I am making out of the oven....chocolate cookies with white chocolate chips. Yummy!!! I'm going to take some to Jackie in the morning before work. She had back surgery a week and a half ago and is sporting the latest in back brace wear. She's doing great. Came home 3 days after surgery. She asked me how bad her scar will be and I told her it will be 2 or 3 years before she is back in a bikini.

We are surviving. Paul got some good and bad news this morning. Good....he got a call about an interview. Keep your fingers crossed. Bad....his mom is dying. Kidney failure. The dr's give her 6 months, the family says any day now. She has given up, stopped eating and all she wants to do is sleep. Paul is in shock.

Work is good. I'm working between 30 and 32 hours a week. All my regulars missed me. My hispanic customers are trying to teach me spanish. One in particular will not pay me until I say his total in spanish. LOL. Work is also how I found out I have dropped 2 pant sizes. I knew I was loosing weight but didn't know how much since my scales are broke. My size 18's where just huge on me. So I dug out 2 old pairs of 14's. They fit perfect!! I'm lovin it!! I guess there is one good thing that comes from stress.

Love and miss you all :)

Thursday, August 19, 2004

Well I got Chris's school straightend out. The reason he didn't go to V.L.'s was the special class he is in was already full so they made room for him at another school. The made the change over the summer. Thank gawd he can go to school now.

Other than that, not much new.

Tuesday, August 17, 2004


Chris was "lost" yesterday. He was sent to the wrong school. Up to 2 weeks ago I was told he would go to V.L.'s intermediate. I got him his uniforms and school supplies for that school. Even went to the orientation last week and sat thru a boring ass lecture from the principal welcoming us to the school. I put him on his bus. Off he goes. He comes home from school to tell me he went to the wrong school. And of course he gets home late enough that by the time he tells me this there is no one at the school to call and find out whats going on. We have no phone so they couldn't call me to tell me. So I kept him home today so I can get it all straightend out. Still not sure where he is supposed to go. I'm waiting on the head honcho of the special ed department to call me back.

Work went fine. I was missed, which was good to hear.

Dylan and Eddie had a great first day of school.

Friday, August 13, 2004

Hello world.

School starts on Monday. We went to Dylan and Chris' open house last night. All the boys are excited that school starts.

I start work tonight.

And as always, I really have nothing to say. I think of a million things to post about while at home but then I come here and have nothing to say.

Hugs to all :)

Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Hey all. Thought I would check in. Paul is still looking for work. I start working next week back at the convience store I worked at last summer. The boys are driving me nuts and I can not wait for school to start (T minus 11 days and counting). We are just taking it one day at a time right now.

Love and miss you all.

Monday, June 21, 2004

Checking in again. Chris I got your card. Roni, my phone is disconnected.

Quick rundown. New management took over the complex we live at and didn't like the way things where being run, ie how the bills where paid. Old what you can when you can. New now or you will be evicted. We have been fighting it as much as we can and still today have somewhere to live. Can't say that about next week. They have tried to illegally cut our lights off. We fought it and won. Paul is looking into getting a lawyer. I had a garage sale this past weekend to raise money but ended up spending it on a fan and dinner when we came home to an apartment with no a/c. Still waiting on the a/c to be fixed.

Need to go now. Kids are getting restless.